It was good news for the property market last month, as figures across the country reveal that the supply of housing rose and more sales were completed. The number of sales agreed per branch increased by 13 per cent in June, fro the previous month, b... read more �
Some six million more people in Britain are living in short term rented housing than 15 years ago and as a result their financial stability has been hampered, according to a hard hitting new report. Overall reduced levels of home ownership are addin... read more �
More than half of home owners in the UK aged 55 are unaware that the cash lump sum they would receive from releasing equity in their home is tax free, a new survey has found. Despite the fact that three in 10 would consider taking out an equity rele... read more �
A new analysis suggests that the building industry in England and Wales needs to boost the construction of new homes by almost 82,000 a year to meet Government target of 300,000 per annum by the mid 2020s. The house building industry in England and ... read more �
A revised national policy for planning in England has been published which will make it easier for councils to challenge poor quality and unattractive developments and give communities a greater voice about how developments should look and feel. The... read more �
A rise in the number of affordable properties coming onto the market in the UK and the growing power of the digital property market is giving rise to a new breed of property investors, it is claimed. The idea of a stereotypical property investor is ... read more �
There is a gender gap among residential landlords in the UK with women’s income from property investment lower than that of their male counterparts, according to new research. The average rental income for male landlords is £24,050 a yea... read more �
The private rented sector in England is not fit for purpose, failing both landlords and tenants, plagued by issues of sub-standard accommodation, insecurity and ineffective redress, according to a damning consumer report. The research from consumer ... read more �
Councils in England are to get stronger powers to tackle the empty homes crisis and will be able to charge extra tax on properties left empty for many years as part of a Government crackdown. Currently there are just over 200,000 homes empty for six... read more �
Larger home builders in the UK plan to increase their construction rates this year while smaller developers are more likely to build fewer new homes, new research has found. However, overall just 61% of builders think it is possible to build 200,000... read more �
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