Lettings agents can expect a ‘big bang’ day of sweeping changes for the industry. A multi-pronged swathe of regulations will hit them at the same time after the Government revealed it will link the tenant fee ban, introduction of mandato... read more �
Lettings agents in England will face civil and criminal charges for flouting a ban on fees, the Government has revealed as it finally prepares to unveil its Draft Tenants’ Fees Bill today. It will create a civil offence with a fine of £5... read more �
An agent who rented out empty homes which were for sale through his employer’s agency pocketed the best part of £10,000 in rent and deposits. Andrew Boyne, 34, is now awaiting sentencing. He advertised the properties for rent on Gumtree... read more �
The Chancellor has been urged to scrap Stamp Duty Land Tax in the forthcoming Budget. Separately, a tax specialist has called for an end to landlord bashing. The Adam Smith Institute says that axing Stamp Duty would help solve the housing crisis and... read more �
A householder fed up with receiving flyers from a firm of estate agents has won his court battle to have them banned, in what could be a landmark ruling. He successfully argued that there was no right to use his path to deliver the leaflets. George... read more �
Adding insulation to suspended timber ground floors commonly found in homes in the UK built before the Second World War can reduce heat loss by up to 92%. Research from the University of Sheffield and University College London has found that this si... read more �
Home owners looking to put their property on the market to sell often look at what will help them get a good deal but now new research reveals what is likely to have devalued the price of a home. The things most likely to devalue a home include sola... read more �
Prime property prices in London have returned to 2013 levels, falling by 12% from their peak in 2014 but the decline is slowing, down just 0.3% in the third quarter of this year compared with 2016. Sales have remained resilient and in effect the mar... read more �
A ban on referral fees could have a “catastrophic” impact on the estate agency sector – and in particular trigger a “monumental” decline in corporate agencies. The Call for Evidence into the process of buying and sellin... read more �
The Government has pledged to make buying a home cheaper, faster and less stressful in England and has launched an eight week call for evidence where it is seeking views from the industry. In wants to hear to hear from everyone with an interest in h... read more �
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