Investors looking at residential property are increasingly looking at alternative real estate such as multi-family housing, retirement housing and student markets, according to new research. Global student housing investment volumes in particular ha... read more �
The prime property lettings market in London has experienced a strong third quarter with high demand from a range of tenants including high net worth students, families and corporate sharers. But the lettings marker in London does tend to be seasona... read more �
Heightened uncertainty around Brexit negotiations will delay recovery in the prime central London housing market for a further year to 18 months, a new analysis suggests. But this will be followed by a bounce in 2021, according to international real... read more �
Almost 100,000 sales if property and land were received for registration by the Land Registry in England and Wales in August, the latest official figures show. A total of 99,750 registrations took place, up from 95,721 in July and up from 85,493 rec... read more �
People in Britain have switched from being anti-housing to being in favour of more new homes being built in their area, a new study has found. The survey of 2,036 adults confirmed the shift detected by the British Social Attitudes Survey over the pa... read more �
New homes are much needed in England but the latest official figures show that planning applications are falling, even although the Government has pledged to boost new home building. Between April and June 2018, district level planning authorities i... read more �
Home sales to first time buyers in the UK have reached a three year low, falling to 20% in August, the latest monthly report from estate agents shows. The fall comes on the back of sales to first time buyers reaching 29% in June and 30% in July to r... read more �
If it comes to power, Labour will scrap Section 21, give local authorities in cities the power to introduce rent controls, and back ‘renters unions’ to the tune of £20m – a move which critics are describing as buying the votes... read more �
The residential property market in the UK is experiencing diverse regional variations but overall it is solid in many parts of the country, according to the latest surveyor survey report. Robust price growth and solid sales activity is reported acro... read more �
Buy to let landlord face paying more for new mortgages as new data shows that August’s 0.25% increase in base rate has begun to feed through to the products available, pushing rates upward. Average standard variable rates for buy to let mortga... read more �
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